How do offerings sort and what are featured offerings

Priority Override

A priority override has been put in place as a response to the coronavirus affecting donations, and change requests from conferences.

Formulas have been put in place to force the following order:

  1. Tithe
  2. Offering of the Week
  3. Sabbath School Offering

The standard featured offering and sorting then occurs as detailed below.

Featured offerings

Each entity can feature one offering. This moves it to one of the top 5 prominent positions. Setting this overrides any other featured account for the particular entity. Each of the following entities can have a featured offering, which are displayed in the following order:

  1. General conference (Tithe always and one other, which is currently Sabbath School),
  2. Offering of the Week
  3. Local church
  4. South Pacific Division
  5. Conference/Mission
  6. Union
  7. ADRA

You will notice that featured offerings have pictures that are twice the size of non-featured offerings.


Featured offerings will always be placed at the top of the offering list, after this the sorting is done as follows. In each category it is sorted in alphabetical order from A-Z by eGiving name and not by account name.

  1. Local Church offerings
  2. Conference/Mission offerings
  3. Union offerings
  4. Division offerings
  5. General conference

Exceptions to the above rules

If the offering does not have an image or description selected it will be relegated to the bottom of the list until such time as these details are provided. Even if it is the church's featured offering or the offering of the week.