BPAY Giving Ratios

Note that BPAY payment method is only applicable in Australia.

eGiving's BPAY feature now provides details of giving ratios, displayed on the eGiving website.

An eGiving user who sets up a BPAY reference may make multiple donations of various amounts using that BPAY reference, and each amount will be divided amongst the giving options according to the ratio they have set.

For example, when setting up donations, the ratio is displayed on the website.

You receive an email confirming the giving options and ratio.

If you log in to eGiving you are able to view the BPAY reference(s) created while you were logged in previously. Click View bpay customer reference numbers on the righthand side of the screen.

You may edit your giving options or amount (ratios) or delete your BPAY references and set up a new one(s).